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Cor.Con. International

Cor.Con. International is a small private Italian company located in Parma since 2008. We believe that people can live longer and healthier lives. We daily research and develop innovative solutions to wellness problems in order to create an exciting portfolio of proprietary products and to support pharmaceutical companies willing to expand their reach. We operate with food supplements, cosmeceutics and functional food.

Our research starts from studying wellness problems and rationally designing innovative formulations capable of addressing them. We clinically test them in vivo to validate their efficacy and safety and to collect data to protect the products through patents and to promote them through scientific international publications. We apply a production process able to deliver the full quality the products deserve. And, finally, we look for pharmaceutical companies to bring the product into the market.

We believe that medicine may help people maintain and sustain their wellbeing and that daily small steps may help achieve wellness.

We believe that products must be natural, safe and effective. We must clinically validate and deliver what we promise.

We believe that there is always room for discovery and we strive to learn every single day.

Cor.Con. International has built over more than a decade knowledge of the main steps required for the development of health-oriented products, from rational design to market through clinical studies, scientific publications, patenting and made in Italy production.

Cor.Con. International may work at your side from a single step to the entire development process in order to build a close relationship based on mutual feedback and to deliver cost-effective, high-quality and ready-to-use products. We put our expertise at your disposal in order to accomplish all the necessary steps for the creation of original health-oriented products with innovative and customized formulas, dictated by market and your requirements.

We research innovative solutions to improve people’s wellness and to support pharmaceutical companies in developing natural products from rationale to market through clinical studies, scientific publications, patenting and production.

We bring innovative ideas into reality to help people live healthy longer and safer.

48 Burj Gate, 10th Floor, room #1001, Downtown – Dubai -UAE
Ph. +971 4 3216260
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